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BRHS and Rippy

Welcome to Broad Ripple High School graduates and friends from the

We are THE OFFICIAL BRHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, as recognized by Indianapolis Public Schools and all of the school administrations in the final years of the constitution of the school itself. The Alumni Association is managed by a group of dedicated BRHS graduates.

IF YOU ARE A GRADUATE OF BROAD RIPPLE HIGH SCHOOL, YOU ARE A MEMBER! We are proud to represent you and the thousands of other graduates of Broad Ripple High School!

The Association was formed to help support the mission and vision of Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities, and since the closing of the building as a school, we now focus exclusively on our other core missions: supporting and celebrating Alumni and past students and helping graduates stay connected with one another.

There are NO MEMBERSHIP DUES for you to continue your membership. We finance our operations by large and small donations from graduates and friends of Broad Ripple High School ( such as you ); in the sale of BRHS apparel on-line (coming soon); the gifts from classes who have had reunions and had money left over which they donate to the Alumni Association; and other fund raising activities. We invite you to learn more about the Association and to get involved with our long term support of the great legacy of our school.