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BRHS Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Each year since 1974, the Scholarship Committee of Broad Ripple High School has selected a BRHS graduate to receive the Broad Ripple High School Distinguished Alumni Award.

The three criteria for this award are:

  • the individual must have graduated at least 15 years prior to induction
  • the individual must have made significant contributions to his/her profession/community/etc.
  • the individual represents our Motto: "Broader, Richer, Human Service".

The Roster of those chosen for this prestigious award is shown below . . . .

1974Dr. Shailer L. Bass
1975Mr. Edgar Stahl (1920)
1976Mrs. Jill Strickland-Ruckelshaus (1954)
1977Mr. Lloyd Huntington Wilkins (1933)
1978Ms. Judith Carr Gilliom (1960)
1979Mr. John M. Mutz (1953)
1980Mr. Richard W. Moll (1956)
1981Mr. Leslie Duvall (1942)
1982Mrs. Jamia Jasper Jacobsen (1958)
1983Dr. John T. Watson (1957)
1984Mr. J. Fred Murphy
1985Ms. Carol Ann Capel Elrod (1952)
1986Mr. Stephen Goldsmith (1964)
1987Ms. Karen Lynn Anderson Campbell (1961)
1988Mr. Robert L. Young (1965)
1989Mr. Paul S. Mannweiler (1967)
1990Mr. Byron K. Mason (1974)
1991Ms. Leslie Olsen (1975)
1992Dr. Paranita Sherard Bratton (1974)
1993Mr. Dennert Ware (1960)
1994Mr. Michael D. Woodson (1976)
1995Ms. Tracey E. Horth (1976)
1996Mr. M. William Lethality (1972)
1997Mr. Wendell K. Ray (1982)
1998Ms. Anne M. Ryder (1977)
1999Ms. Kelly E. Bentley (1977)
2000Ms. Kelley C. Vaughn (1979)
2001Ms. Dennis E. Bland (1983)
2002Mr. Fred Schlegel (1959)
2003Mr. David M. Letterman (1965)
2004Mr. Eugene N. Anderson (1979)
2005Brigadier General Richard Moorhead (1971)
2006Mr. Roosevelt Colvin (1995)
2007Mr. Abraham Benrubi (1977)
2008Dr. Paul R. Helft (1986)
2009Ms. Joyce A. Sommers (1953)
2010Mr. William George Schumacher (1970)
2011Mrs. Kerry Hughey Yount (1986)
2012Frank Baird Scholarship Committee: Bill Bastian, Wally Cox, Jack Engledow,Jack Hogan, Dick Warne & Hugh Wolf
2013Julie Vincent (1973)
2014Sherman Burdette (1978)
2015Michael Edward Graves (1952)
2016Lawrence M. Reuben (1966)
2017John A. (Alan) Hague (1978)
2018Lamar Campbell (1982)

Tribute to Distinguished Alumnus David Letterman as aired on CBS Channel 4, Indianapolis;
Click on the link below to view the Channel 4 CBS presentation
"Dave Letterman - the Early Years"