One of the most important functions of the Broad Ripple High School Alumni Association is the awarding of annual scholarships to selected BRHS seniors. At the present time, three annual scholarships are being awarded. They are known as the Steven Jamison Memorial Scholarship, the Alumni Association Merit Scholarship, and the Class of 1955 Merit Scholarship

The Steven Jamison Memorial Scholarship was initiated in 2011 to honor the memory of a senior Broad Ripple High School basketball player who was being recruited by several schools.

Steven was a special student athlete long before fate dealt him a rough hand. His unique sense of humor, uncanny ability to relate to adults, and general attitude about life set him apart from the crowd. On the court, he competed at 110 percent at all times. For someone of his size, the only explanation for his rebounding stats is sheer determination. Despite tremendous tragedies in his life, he was known among his peers for valuing friendship, loyalty and the importance of teamwork. Two of Steven's beloved sisters perished in a fire at their home in 2006. To deal with his grief, a neighbor encouraged Steven to join a basketball league in his neighborhood.

There, and at Broad Ripple, Steven found his groove and developed into an outstanding basketball player. But even more than that, he welcomed the friendships and camaraderie that came with being a member of a team. His friends said that he worked hard but never forgot how to have fun, and encouraged them that "even on the toughest days you can make someone else's life better." The manner in which he dealt with his cancer was unique, as well. Steven was determined to maximize every day and live it to the fullest, despite what the odds said. In his last weeks, he said he didn't want to be remembered as being tired, or sick, or weak but that he wanted always to be remembered for the good times and most importantly, for the laughs.

This outstanding young man and role model died after an eight month battle with cancer. The primary criteria for the selection of the winners of this scholarship in his name are :

          - A graduating senior student
          - Accepted (by Ripple Round-Up) to an accredited institution of higher learning
          - An outstanding student athlete
          - An individual who meets challenges head-on, and their goals in focus
          - A person who values and contributes to teamwork; both in athletics and in the 
          - An individual who has a positive attitude and shows care and compassion for

The Alumni Association Merit Scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies the Broad Ripple High School motto:  "Broader, Richer, Human Service".

To be eligible for this scholarship, the graduating senior must have attended Broad Ripple High School for seven semesters with a Cumulative Grade Point average of 3.0 or higher and have a history of leadership and service through extra-curricular activities, both at school and the community.


The Class of 1955 Merit Scholarship was initiated in 2013 as a result of funding provided by the Broad Ripple High School Class of 1955.  It is awarded to the person who has demonstrated the most progress beween the 9th and 12th grades.   

The Class of 1947 Merit Scholarship was initiated in 2015 as a result of funding provided by the Broad Ripple High School Class of 1947.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the graduating senior must have attended Broad Ripple High School for seven semesters with a Cumulative Grade Point average of 3.0 or higher and have a history of leadership and service through extra-curricular activities, both at school and the community

                                      SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS

     Steven Jamison Memorial Scholarship:

2011 -     Chelsea Jamison ($1,000)
                                           Sabrena Rose ($150)
                                           Armond Patterson ($150)
2012 -     Ernest A. Burton   ($1,000)
                                           Aunyae M Frye  ($300)              

2013 -     Aaron Dorsett  ($1,000)
2014 -     Casey Doudt  ($500)

2018 -     Jasmine Murphy  ($1,000)

      Alumni Association Merit Scholarship:
2013 -      Jesse Covarrubias  ($1,000)

2014 -      Azzya Hopson     ($500)
                                             Andrea Martinez   ($500)
2015 -     MaDarrell Murphy  ($1,000)
                                            Alexis Barnett        ($1,000)
2016-      Ruby Smith            ($1,000)

2017-      Jose R. Salazar     ($1,000)

2018 -     Dakota McDonald   ($500)
                                            Thomas Myers        ($500)

      Class of 1947 Merit Scholarship:

2015 -     Gillian Bundles    ($1,000)

      Class of 1955 Improvement Scholarship:

2013 -     Dorothy Hayes   ($1,000)

2014 -     Ciera Taylor       ($1,000)

2015 -     Michaela McCulley  ($1,000

2016-      Jason Nguyen    ($1,000)

      Class of 1966 Scholarship:

2017-      Brooke LT Blakemore   ($1,000)

2018-      Audree Nealy       ($1,500)
                                            Eryn Smith            ($1,500)

      Class of 1967 Scholarship:

2016 -    Chyna Johnson   ($1,000)                           

2017-     Jessica G. Halsmer     ($1,000)

2018-     Jennifer Argumedo     ($4,000)
      Class of 1970 Merit Scholarship:

  2017-     Tenika L. Carter   ($500)

      Classes of 1970 and 1977 Scholarship:

2018-      Dakota McDonald   ($500)

       William & Helen Atkins Memorial Scholarshp:

  2016-     Dioseline Jimenez-Diaz   ($700) 

  2017-      Dioseline Jimenez-Dias   ($500)
                                            Andres F. Calvillo             ($500)

  2018-      Thomas Myers     ($500)
       Naomi Hall Treon Nursing Scholarship:

2017-      Don'Ella M. Dixon            ($500)

2018-      Amil-lion Wilburn       ($500)
                                            Madalyn Wood        ($500)

       Lawrence M. Rueben Memorial Scholarship:

2017-     Ty. S. Brown              ($1,500)
                                            Yuliza K. Elliott           ($1,500)
                                            Christopher Flores    ( $1,500)
                                            Margaret Mary Vanschaik  ($1,500)

       Debra Wolinsky Scholarship:

2017-    Machaila K. Gray       ($1,000)

       Spirit of Jack Klein Scholarship:

2018-    Jasmine Murphy     ($1,500)

      Lucinda Steiner Paul Legacy Scholarship:

2018-    Michaela Gilliam    ($1,200)


       College Scholarship:

2018-  Dakota McDonald    ($500)
                                    Thomas Myers   ($1,000)
                                    Amil-lion Willburn   ($1.000)
                                    Madalyn Wood     ($1,000)
                                    Amarie Wisdom   ($500)
       Historical Black College Scholarship:

2018-    Audree Nealy   ($1.000)
                                    Eryn Smith       ($1,000)

        College Music Scholarship:

2018-    Emma Fisher     ($1,000)
                                    Michaela Gilliam   ($1,000)
                                    Anthony Glover   ($1,000)
                                    Sierra Myles  ($1,000)
                                    Rashuad Royston   ($1,000)
                                    Travis Stumpf    ($1,000)

        Lloyd E. Huyser Memorial Art Scholarship:

2018-    Amarie Wisdom   ($1,000)


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Many of these students are more than willing to work part-time to
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