ROGUE SITE NOTICE                                                
On the Internet, there are a number of "rogue" sites that masquerade as the alumni associations for dozens of high schools and colleges in order to collect "dues" and to sell generic based school memorabilia and apparel.  Alumni who respond to those sites assume that they are affiliating with an organization that has close ties to their school, but this is not the case.

Some of the sites that infer that they are the BRHS Alumni Association are actually sites created and maintained by commercial offerers. One or more of the Broad Ripple High School targeted sites is very agressive in its e-mail advertising and frequently offers specials on "dues" and lifetime memberships.  They offer views of various BRHS yearbooks but require the viewer to enter personal e-mail address and class data before they are allowed to see the scanned yearbook pages. In this manner, they build their BRHS alumni e-mail address database.  Some offer scanned copies of selected yearbooks for prices around $100. That offering may violate copyright laws.

You are being notified of this situation to ensure that you know when you
are on the Official BRHS site, as you are now, or on one of the commercial "alumni" sites.

We are not suggesting that all of these commercial sites are illegal or unethical. The commercial organizations that develop and maintain those sites have the right to offer services to the alumni of any school. Most of them have a very small disclaimer notice on a page of their site that states that they are not connected to the school in any way. 
Most of them charge you to "join" and to pay yearly "dues".

We want you to know when you are on the website created and maintained by alumni from Broad Ripple High School; the site which has a very close association with the school, its Principal, its teachers and administrators, its students and its alumni.  

If you are a graduate of Broad Ripple High School, you are already a member of the Broad Ripple Alumni Association
. If you order apparel from this site, it will be actual Broad Ripple High School related apparel and the profits from that sale will benefit your Alumni Association.  If you make a donation from this site, it will go directly to the support of Broad Ripple High School related programs and activities.

You can always ensure that you are on the Official Broad Ripple High School Alumni Site by using our website address:   

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