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                                                       Early Grads in 1896
The 1896 Broad Ripple graduating class was one of the largest in Broad Ripple's younger days. Early in 1896 the school burned down, and during the period when it was being rebuilt, the pupils had to attend classes at various buildings throughout the Broad Ripple area.

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NAMES FROM RIPARIAN: - 1896 Graduation class
Back row( left to right ) James Moore, John Dawson, J. Edw Morris, C. E. Rhoades, Ralph Easterday, George Deford, Jacob Dawson, Isaac Moore, Robert Kerr.

Third Row ( left to right ) Mable Kimberlin Dowell, Ollie Johnson Shackleford, Jessie Llewellyn Dawson, Nettie Allen Ryan, Mable Heady, Jessie Rodman, Stella Richardson Dawson, Isa Hill Morris.

Second row ( left to right ) Catherine Kerr, Mary Easterday Hessong, Bessie Spahr Doll, Margaret Brady Todd, Myrtle Edwards, Adna Kerr( Groff)

First row ( left to right )Fred Neal, R. E. Harris teachers.
                     Original school building in 1896
Original school bell from 1896 - now on display in school
                             BRHS in 1945
    Original entrance in 1862
In 1903, several Broad Ripple High School boys decided to form a football team. From that time on, football has been an important sport at Ripple. The 1909 team poses here with its coach Ross Smith, center back.