For many years, the students of Broad Ripple High School have formed extra-curricular social clubs that give them the opportunity to socialize with students with like interests. Many of these clubs sponsored projects that benefited the School and the neighborhoods.

As a rule, the names of these clubs were not listed in the yearbooks, so we can only develop a roster of these clubs by hearing from those of you who were members or were aware of various BRHS social clubs.
If you are aware of any BRHS social clubs, please contact us and we will add their names to the roster.
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"DART" (
Devils & Rockets Together-Shortridge and Broad Ripple)
"DOR" (
Daughters of Broad Ripple)
"MOB" (
Class of 1960 club- Men of Broad Ripple)
"MINX" (Girls Club of 1960 Class)
"RUB" (Ripple's United Brothers)
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