1. Historical excerpt from " HANDBOOK FOR BROAD RIPPLE HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS", dated 1962:

                                                        General History

Broad Ripple, the fourth oldest among the city's high schools, began with seven pupils in 1886. In 1886 a two-year course was inaugurated. Five years after a four-year course was instituted in 1890 the school was commissioned by the Indiana State Board of Education. At the turn of the century six pupils were graduated; in 1914, when a new high school building (the oldest part of the present plant) was dedicated, 90 pupils were enrolled.

In 1923 the high school, with an enrollment of 94 and a staff of eight teachers, including the principal, was annexed to the school city. Karl Von Ammerman, then vice-principal of Emmerich Manual Training High School, was named principal. From 1923 through the 1948-49 school year the history of Broad Ripple High School is largely the history of Mr. Ammerman and his policies as principal for that quarter of a century.

Always guided by what he considered to be the best interests and welfare of the student body, Mr. Ammerman knew and could call by first name nearly every pupil of the thousands who attended Broad Ripple during his principalship. He reflected his own concept of the important part which each pupil should play in school, family and community life by interpreting the initials of Broad Ripple High School to mean "Broader, Richer, Human Service."

First increase in physical plant during Mr. Ammerman's administration came in 1935 when 12 classrooms in the west section were completed. In that same year the recreation field was expanded by the purchase of several acres and cottage-then the only high school-owned house in the state was taken over by the home economics classes.

In 1938 the enrollment had increased 500 per cent over that of 1923. In 1939 another building unit, including the present gymnasium, was completed; and four more acres were acquired, thus raising the total acreage to 15. At this time the cafeteria, with a seating capacity of 300, was put into service.

In World War II, 868 Broad Ripple boys and girls served in the armed forces. The names of the 21 who gave their lives for this country are engraved on the bronze clock plaque.
In 1949 a third unit, the present center section, was completed. Mr. Ammerman, retired, was succeeded as principal by Mr. J. Fred Murphy.

Beginning in March 1941, career conferences for freshmen and sophomores have been held each year. This conference has been made possible through cooperation with the Kiwanis, Altrusa and Business and Professional Women's Clubs in Indianapolis.

Broad Ripple High School had the City and County Championship Quiz 'Em Team for the school years 1951-52, 1955-56 and 1956-57.

The first Band Camp for members of the Broad Ripple Band was held in August 1954,

Beginning in the fall of 1951, the Alumni Association and the Student Council have sponsored jointly special festivities for the Homecoming Game.



Hail to Broad Ripple, on to victory.
Fight, fight in every game, and we'll win the victory.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Onward and forward, always to the goal, Fight on, you Rockets, for Ripple High.
Come, Rockets! Fight, fight, fight!

We are always backing you with all our might. On, Rockets! Fight, fight, fight!
And be sure that you're always in the right. Then for you we'll shout-rah!
Make that yell ring out-rah!
Let the words ring out-rah!
And the soaring Rockets then will bring us fame once more,
And we'll sing-
Hail to Broad Ripple, on to victory.
Fight, fight in every game, and we'll win the
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Onward and forward, always to the goal,
Fight on, you Rockets, for Ripple High!

2.  The following chronological history record was provided to us from the Broad
Ripple history archives of the Broad Ripple Gazette. It offers a birds-eye view of the
development of Broad Ripple High School.   


1886             J. S. Puett, principal-teacher
1886             First 2-year high school course inaugurated  
1888             First 2-year high school class graduated
1889             First 3-year high school class graduated
1890-3         Thomas Smith, principal
1890             First 4-Year course inaugurated
1893-4         Mr. Martin, principal
1894-1902  J. E. Harris, principal
1895             High school commissioned by Indiana State Board of Education
1896             Original building burned
1896             Building rebuilt with addition
1897             First Parent-Teacher Association organized
1899             Lights Bellevue Addition surveyed by senior class
1900             First Alumni Association organized
1902             School colors (orange & black) chosen
1902-7         Arthur Jackson, Paul Caughlin, S. P Plaskett, principals
1907-13        H. W. Marshall  principal
1912              Marion County basketball Tournament won
1914              New high school building dedicated
1914-18        R. E. Wiggins, principal
1918-20        Mr. Blossom, principal
1920-23        Mr. Gillespie, principal
1916              First Junior Prom held
1919              High School unit of the Parent-Teacher Association organized
1923              High school annexed to the school city
1923-48         K. V. Ammerman, principal
1925               Orange Aid organized
1926               First Riparian yearbook published
1928               First Riparian newspaper published
1928               Sectional basketball crown won
1930               "Rockets" chosen as signature of athletic teams
1931               First Ripple Round-Up held
1934               New heating plant completed
1935               Twelve classrooms in the west wing completed
                         Seven acres added to the recreation field
                         Cottage remodeled, equipped ond occupied by Home Economics Classes
1936                Golden Singers organized
                         First radio program produced locally
                         First Ripples produced
1938                Second building unit voted by Board of School Commissioners
                         First dean of girls appointed
                         First directors of curricular, social, information, guidance appointed
                         First director of athletics appointed
                         Broad Ripple Chapter of National Honor Society organized
1939                Second building unit completed
                         Four acres acquired, making total of fifteen
1940                First librarian appointed
1941                First summer school held
1941                First nurse appointed
1942                First vice-principal, Edgar Stahl, appointed
                         First public address system installed
1943                First director of productions appointed
                         Appreciation dinner for Mr. Ammerman given
1944               Third unit voted by the Board of School Commissioners
                        Broad Ripple Legions organized
                        Fathers' Association organized
1945               Basketball team went to the State final tourney and lost
                        First Employment Coordinator appointed
                        First Arts Salon
                        First PTA Carnival
1946               First ROTC Unit inaugurated
                        First heads of math and English Departments
1947               First dean of boys appointed
                        First unit of stadium completed
                        East Hall razed
                        Ground broken for third unit
1950               Mr. J Fred Murphy came to Ripple as new principal
                        First safety essay and poster contest held
                        A new 21-room addition to the building was opened
                        A new public address system was installed
1951               The athletic field was dedicated
1952               Gene Beaman took over as head basketball coach.
1953               Rippy Rocket was named with the help of the student body.
1954               Expansion of the Broad Ripple building Eastward
                        Stamp Club with Mr. Sidney Esten as sponsor was originated
1955               Family unit education started at Ripple
                        "This Week at Ripple" started by the Student Council
                        Ripple bell was rediscovered in the basement of the cottage
                        Broad Ripple High School broadcasts a first in a series of radio programs on WIAN-FM
1956               Broad Ripple High School won Yard Parks award for the cleanest school
                        Principal J. Fred Murphy was re-elected Secretary of the Commission on Research and Service
                        Ripple Quiz 'Em Team won city championship
                        Aged Ripple Bell, which represents tradition, was rededicated in a special ceremony
                        Share-the-Fare Dance was held to sponsor the first foreign exchange student
                        First Junior Historical Society Auditorium was held
1957               Freshman Cross Country Track Team under Mr. Mordie Lee won the first place in the city
                        The first foreign exchange student arrived
1958               First Drivers Education course offered
                        Mr. Hubert Wann, Dean of Boys, ended 35 year career at Ripple
                        Mr. Warren Jackson appointed Dean of Boys
                        Creative Writing, Math X, Office Practice, Alcohol and Narcotics, and Art Appreciation
                                  given for first time
1959               Work begins on the new building off Haverford
                        Miss Ruth Carter, Dean of Girls, ended 32 year career at Ripple
                        Mrs. Rosalind Ewing appointed Dean of Girls
1960               Building completed
                        Language lab for students taking a foreign language was opened.
1961               Steinway grand piano was presented to the school by Association of Parents and Teachers

2015               Teacher Doris Young wins Life Changing Teacher Award after 43 years of teaching at BRHS

2017               On September 18, 2017, IPS School Board votes to close BRHS at end of school year
                           and move programs to Shortridge High School.
2018               On June 7, 2018, the final graduation ceremany was held and the school was closed.



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